Book & Beauty Cravebox

Lets take a look inside of the newest Cravebox-

  • Mistress of My Fate Book by Hallie Rubenhold, it looks like a very interesting read.
  • Biore samples ( .24 fl oz. combination skin balancing cleanser, .25 oz pore unclogging scrub and 1 deep cleansing pore strip)
  • John Frieda hair product 4fl oz. (Full Repair-hydrate+rescue deep conditioner)
  • Vaseline total moisture clean feeling lotion for healthy skin.
  • Arbonne Cosmetics! Flyer
  • New Member Welcome Cravebox Flyer
  • Tissue πŸ˜›

This is a pretty awesome Cravebox for all those book lovers out there! The box cost 12 dollars in the drawing but you can buy it for 15 instantly now at, which is a really good deal! The book has a retail price of 25.99 so that is above and beyond what the box cost not to mention all the other cool stuff that was in it!

So when you need a little me time grab a cravebox, a glass of wine and go through it. Part of the fun is waiting for the box and opening it when itΒ  arrives!

Let me know what you think of the Cravebox or if you have not joined cravebox yet, you should! πŸ™‚


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