Grave Mercy By Robin Lafevers Book Review :)

Ismae is not your normal girl as she is not only trained in the art of death but she is a daughter of death.

She was not treated well as a child due the fact everyone was scared of her because of who was her father (St. Mortain-Death). Her mother’s husband, forced her mother to go to a herbwitch for a poison to abort her as a baby. Her “father” was unable to have her aborted and so he took it out on her every chance he had.

Ismae does not like men and will do as the convent of St. Mortain (the Saint of Death) will her to do. She will kill whoever bears the mark of death and who she is told to kill. She feels like she owes everything to the convent because they took her in and made her into the “handmaiden of death” that she has become.

All too soon she is sent on a mission to watch Gavriel Duval to see if he is indeed a traitor to his sister the Duchess of Brittany. He appears to be nothing but loyal to his sister, defending her and trying to find her a decent husband any way he can. Ismae forces herself to remain suspicious of him as much as she can but cannot find anything to validate him being anything but loyal to his young sister Anne, the Duchess.

Ismae is thrown into a world she is not used to, for how can she trust a man?

Love this book! This book was 549 pages long, so it took me a couple of days to finish it, I was hanging onto every page and wanting to know what would happen. Robin Lafevers takes you back in time to the late 1400s and brings it to life. While this is a world twisted with the morbid reality of death and what comes with it, it is also a world that becomes alight with love! 🙂


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