Mistress of My Fate Book one of the Confessions of Henritta Lightfoot by Hallie Rubenhold Review


This book is beyond awesome, once I started reading it I really did not want to stop reading it!

Henritta Lightfoot is no ordinary 17 year old, as you will realize while reading this book. She is very naive of life and what really goes on in the world around her, being that she was a sheltered girl. She lives with her uncle and aunt, who it seems only put up with her because they have to and she goes through her life knowing she will forever live on without anything of her own. She has no thoughts of marriage, love, wealth or even doing what she wants in life. She is to be a companion of her cousin, Lady Catherine.

Everything changes…all when she falls in love. Her life goes from certain to uncertain and that is where the adventure truly begins! She grows to become her own person as things take a different turn, she learns a lot of lessons through hardships and that is the biggest journey of all in this book.

Hallie Rubenhold has done an awesome job with this story and creating a world that takes you back in time, where people traveled by mail coaches and carriages. If you like historical novels, love stories and coming of age tales…you will love this book!!


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